LXNav NANO4 to win

July 26, 2017

All the contestants are invited to join lottery to win LXNAV NANO4 IGC logger. Everyone who signs up at the OskarKilo booth in briefing hangar this Saturday, will be put into lottery to win NANO4! […]

Daily info – 4th competition day, 26/7/2017

July 26, 2017

Latest news: 13:25 – All tasks today are canceled for all classes due to weather conditions. Free flying possible. Launches postponed to 1400LT. Good morning, GRID open 1045-1200LT. QNH 1003 RWY 26 Briefing at 10:00LT […]

Daily info – 3rd competition day, 25/7/2017

July 25, 2017

Latest news: All tasks today are canceled due to weather conditions.  Free flying possible.  Launches postponed to 1515LT. RWY 26 QNH 1004 Good morning.  Briefing at 09:30LT, Hangar I. Grid and weighing after briefing from […]

Daily info – 2nd competition day, 24/7/2017

July 24, 2017

Latest News Flying Day is cancelled due to the weather conditions. Next morning briefing 25/07/2017 at 10:00. On Friday, 28th July, Czech evening with degustation of wines and Czech cymbal music. Entry fee for wine […]

Daily info – 1st competition day, 23/7/2017

July 23, 2017

LATEST NEWS   All daily brifings you can find in section Documents or also here: Short daily video with clips from the first day, Saturday 22nd July 2017, at European Gliding Championships in Moravská Třebová airfield. […]

Daily info – Opening Ceremony 21/07/2017

July 21, 2017

Latest News Please find updated Self Briefing package, also available in Documents section.Changes at pages: 8, 10, 19. Team Frequencies, for further downloading you can find the file in Documents link. Opening ceremony of the […]

1st TC Briefing

July 18, 2017

Will be situated in a classroom in the building next to the scruteneering hangar at 19:00 LT.

4th unofficial training day

July 18, 2017

RWY08 (club+std grass, 20M asphalt) Aero-tows from 11:30LT or call +420 777 189 173   Radio frequency: 130,55MHz   Airspace   see http://aisview.rlp.cz/ Released: LKTRA32, LKTRA33 Restricted: TMA and CTR Brno, Pardubice, Namest Occupied: LKTRA31, LKTRA56, […]

3rd unofficial training day

July 17, 2017

RWY 26 (club+std grass, 20M asphalt).Aero-tows from 12:00 LT or call +420 721 850 627  (RWY was changed due to wind conditions) Radio frequency: 130,550 MHz Airspace see http://aisview.rlp.cz/ Restricted: TMA and CTR Brno, Pardubice, […]

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